Project experience

Some of our recent projects:

  • Northampton

    Project title: Main Contractor for a new Concept Store
    Location: Northampton
    Project Size: 2,175sqm plus car parking and landscaping
    Duration: 28 weeks

  • Bridgend

    Project title: Regional Distribution Centre
    Location: Bridgend
    Project Size: 42,000sqm of replacement roof & 6,000sqm new extension

  • Aberdare

    Project title: New Lidl Store with piled solution
    Location: Aberdare
    Project Size: 2170sqm plus carpark and landscaping
    Duration: 36.5 weeks

  • Warwick

    Project title: New Supermarket
    Location: Warwick
    Project Size: 2177sqm plus carpark and landscaping
    Duration: 31 weeks

  • Houghton Regis

    Project title: Supermarket
    Location: Houghton Regis
    Project Size: 2277sqm plus carpark and landscaping
    Duration: 27.5 weeks

  • Gillingham

    Project title: New non Standard supermarket for Lidl
    Location: Gillingham
    Project Size: 1068sqm plus carpark and landscaping
    Duration: 29.5 weeks

  • Ipswich

    Project title: Supermarket with permeable asphalt
    Location: Ipswich
    Project Size: 2105sqm plus carpark and hard standing
    Duration: 26.5 weeks

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